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4 Reasons You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss should never go untreated, regardless of how minor it might be. Anyone that experiences hearing loss needs to book an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible. The right treatment can have a massive impact on your life – both now and in the future.  If you still don’t believe that treating […]

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A Guide to Temporary Hearing Loss

If you have been experiencing problems with your hearing you may be a bit worried. This is understandable. Temporary hearing loss often appears suddenly and causes you to have difficulty registering sound for a short period of time. There are many reasons why temporary hearing loss occurs. If your ears have been exposed to high-volume […]

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Why Do People Ignore Hearing Loss Symptoms?

Hearing loss can make it difficult for people to interpret speech, discern words, and recognize where sounds are originating from. In addition, they may hear a ringing or buzzing in their ears. If there is background noise or if they are talking on the phone, these symptoms often get worse. Ways to Monitor Hearing Loss […]

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How to Tell if a Loved One Has Hearing Loss

Many people who have hearing loss are not aware, especially if the loss is gradual. This article will discuss how to tell if a loved one has hearing loss and when they need to see a hearing specialist for diagnosis.  Mishearing Words with Similar Sounds The first obvious sign that something might be wrong is […]