How to Talk to Your Loved One About Hearing Loss

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There are many misconceptions about hearing loss out there, and one of the things that people typically assume is that hearing loss is something that only affects the person experiencing it. That’s not necessarily true as it can impact how they interact with others as well as how you communicate with them. It’s something that you should be prepared to handle on the chance that someone important in your life ever experiences it themselves, because they may not know what to do with it and they may not initially know that that’s what they’re experiencing.

Be Kind

In life whenever we experience something new, it can be quite surprising to us, especially if it’s as we get older. You don’t typically expect to experience something new, and that’s why hearing loss can initially be quite eye-opening. If you suspect that someone that you love is experiencing hearing loss, you should find a way to propose the idea to them in a gentle way.

It might not be best to just come out with it but talking about a sensitive matter requires some level of tact. Try to usher the conversation towards it if they’re having trouble understanding you.

Instead of approaching it like something you have a problem with or a complaint about it, try proposing a solution that shows you care. Speak about how it affects you and how you’re concerned about how it’s impacting both of your lives.

Better Communications

Hearing loss will impair communication in some way, and it’s important that you as their loved one are prepared to handle that. Everyone has things that frustrate them and having to repeat yourself can be frustrating at times – however, when you’re communicating with someone experiencing hearing loss, then you need to remember to be patient. It’s not something that they can control and getting frustrated will only cause unnecessary distress.

You should also try to make sure that your mouth movements aren’t covered by anything, as it can help them to easier understand what you’re saying. Lip movements and expressions tell a story on their own, so you should be sure not to make a conversation unnecessarily difficult.

Support Them

If you want them to have the easiest experience possible, then it can help to show them that you’re with them. Go through the solutions with them and attend audiologist appointments with them if they feel they need it – it can help to make the situation easier for them, especially when it’s not completely apparent to them.

Currently, the main treatment that patients experiencing hearing loss will be provided is hearing aids, and you should understand that these hearing aids can help to restore life back to how it was. Even if you live an active lifestyle, there are hearing aids that will sit comfortably in your ear without preventing your movements or activities. Speaking with an audiologist about your experience with hearing loss can provide a lot more insight on what you should do.