Signs You Need to Have a Hearing Test

a diagnostic audiologic evaluation in progress

It is common for people to experience hearing loss without even realizing it until they go to see an audiologist and have their hearing tested. This is due to the fact that hearing loss is so gradual that we may not even notice it. The good news is that there are a handful of clear symptoms that you should have your hearing examined. Consider the top four indicators that someone may be experiencing hearing loss, whether it be difficulty hearing the television or having to ask someone to repeat themselves.

You Are Constantly Requesting That Others Repeat Themselves

If you have hearing loss, this is one of the more obvious symptoms that you have the condition. In most cases, unless you work in a very busy and noisy setting where it is difficult to communicate, one of the most typical indicators of hearing loss is the need to ask individuals to repeat themselves on a regular basis, which can be frustrating after a while. 

You Need the Volume Turned Up More Than Normal

If you have been receiving complaints that you are turning up the volume on the television or your music is too loud, this could be an early sign that your hearing is beginning to deteriorate. Even though everyone has a favorite audio level for entertainment, it is a common symptom of hearing loss when people around you comment on the volume that you are listening to at a particular time.

You Are Experiencing Ringing in Your Ears

If you notice a ringing, buzzing or even shrieking sounds in your ear, especially after being exposed to a loud noise, this could be an early warning sign of hearing loss and should be addressed immediately. If the ringing continues for an extended period of time, it may be an early indicator of tinnitus. In fact, tinnitus affects as many as half of seniors who have hearing loss, and the two conditions are closely related when it comes to the symptoms they share.

You Can’t Hear Very Well When There Is Background Noise

Hearing loss may also make it difficult for you to hear well when chatting on the phone, particularly if you are using a cell phone or are in a noisy environment with a great deal of background noise. You may find that all of the noises blur together making it difficult to distinguish between them. Instead of avoiding phone conversations with loved ones or experiencing difficulty in a busy environment, get a hearing test and begin taking steps to reclaim your hearing right away. 

A hearing test should not be a worrisome appointment. It can be distressing to learn that you have had hearing loss for a long time, but it is always better to deal with it now rather than risk it worsening over time. In addition to conducting your hearing test professionally, an experienced audiologist will ensure that you have all of the information and guidance you require to understand your condition and the degree of your hearing loss.